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Urge our elected leaders to invest in youth health

 As part of our mission to relentlessly raise awareness, Webtorium Health understands the impact one singular voice can have towards a larger goal.....every single raised hand, post, tweet and comment can and does make a difference. 

On the global and national stage, the lack of awareness and support costs children and adolescents very costly consequences.  The influence of generational, societal and communal health habits and perceptions are a growing health concern, and one that isn't address. We receive significant health and wellness programming but most of this fails to address the cultural unconscious biases, discriminatory attitudes and social pressures placed on the youth.  Allowing these prevailing stereotypes to persist, resulting in the epidemic continuing.

Join us by adding your voice, at the local, state and national level.  With one click you can add your voice in  requesting our elected leaders to prioritize health well-being from a multi-faceted lens.