web (weh-eb)  n.  (1)  a complex system of interconnected elements; something intricately constructed  (2) a complex network

torium  (toːriəm) (genitive -tōriī or -tōrī); place of occurrence



Webtorium is a student-led non-profit foundation created by Mariam Jafari, a high schooler who wanted to address global health awareness and equity for children and adolescents. 

Our mission is to educate on the cultural, historical, social, and biological aspects of global health choices, while promoting health education.

Call to Action.   

Children are the future. 

As shared by the World Health Organization.

Our Initiatives.  Three ways we are becoming the change, we want to see.


Our Peer to Peer Program. 

Partner with schools and communities to implement our Youth Health Buddy Program, an engaging presentation, that highlights the historical, biological and sociocultural aspects of current global health choices.

Our Giving.

Donate our published health story educating on the biological aspects of health to libraries, schools, and communities. Follow our progress


      Going There.         

Linking arms with you to make a difference. 

Due to lack of awareness and support, most children and adolescents often absorb generational, societal and communal health habits and perceptions.  These health habits not only include food choices, but also cultural unconscious biases,  discriminatory attitudes and social pressures on body image.  This results  in the prevailing stereotypes to persist, and the epidemic to continue. According to the World Health Organization, half of all social health disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated.

This statistic makes evident the pressing need for children to receive health awareness and support in their environments with adequate cultural and societal considerations. 

For the youth, by the youth.  Building a global community.

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